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Now is a great time to take your child for their well visits

It’s summertime and the start of the school year is right around the corner. Now is the time to visit your child’s doctor before you send your kids back to school.

Well visits and immunizations (shots) help keep children from getting sick. And if your child hasn’t been to the doctor for a well visit recently, they aren’t alone. During the pandemic, a lot of people couldn’t get to the doctor for many reasons.

As schools open, your children will be in close contact with other kids again. Kids who haven’t been vaccinated may get sick and spread more illnesses to other kids. By getting your child vaccinated, you are protecting both your child and other children.

Don’t let summer pass you by — you can help your child stay on track with their appointments before they go back to school.

Is it time for your child’s well visit? Call your doctor today to get your appointment scheduled. If you are a Healthy Blue member, you may be eligible for rewards. You can also get help finding a doctor or a ride to the doctor’s office by visiting